Se Venden Weatherflow Wind Meters (anemómetros)

Ahora, Gente del Viento Boardsports tiene Weatherflow Wind Meters (anemómetro) para tu smartphone por solo $18,400! Deja de adivinar que esta haciendo el viento-usa tu iPhone, iPad, iPod o Android para obtener una medición precisa siempre! Quieres compartir con todos quienes se quedaron en casa? Comparte tu medición con amigos instantáneamente. Manda un e-mail a para pedir el tuyo!

Gente del Viento Boardsports now has Weatherflow Wind Meters for your smart phone for sale for $ 18,400! Stop wondering what the wind is doing- use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device to get an accurate reading every time! Want to share with everyone who stayed back home? Share your readings with friends, instantly. E-mail us at to place your order!

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