Shinn Foil and Directional Boards

From the very first moment I tried a Shinn board, I fell in love.  I’ve never looked back.  I have repped the boards in the southeastern U.S., taught on the boards, ridden the boards… obsessed about the boards.  If you choose a Shinn, you will not regret it.

Contact me for pricing and drop shipping information!  We can drop ship anywhere in the world!

Jackson Foil

Cruise, jump, carve… this is your foil board.  Using the Chine rail, the Jackson foil board features the stiffness necessary in a high performance foil without the extra core thickness or deck lamination.  Featuring trim tracks, the board allows for easy foil position tuning for multiple rider abilities as well as performance adjustments based on conditions.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert foil rider, this is a great board for you.

Available in: 120 x 45, 145 x 45

shinn jackson


Shinnster Foil

This board features a soft ride, intuitive feel and inserts for straps!  Choose a package with fins only or go all out with a fully equipped foil package featuring full pad, straps, foil plate and choice of Model F or Model P foil!

Available in: 160 x 46shinnster foil

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