Shinn Twin Tip Boards

From the very first moment I tried a Shinn board, I fell in love.  I’ve never looked back.  I have repped the boards in the southeastern U.S., taught on the boards, ridden the boards… obsessed about the boards.  If you choose a Shinn, you will not regret it.

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Twin Tip Boards

Monk Ghost (back with the Gorilla graphic!):  Personally, I LOVE this board.  It is one of the best in the line..which explains why it is so popular!

The monk is an all-around fantastic freeride board.  It will handle all conditions that you throw at it and leave you with a huge stoke.  There isn’t any other board on the market quite like it!

Available in: 131 x 40, 133 x 41, 135 x 42, 137 x 44



If we are talking about the Monk, we certainly can’t leave out the Monkette Midnight.

And why shouldn’t women get a dedicated board that is designed to fit their needs?  Well, here you go!  Designed to be ridden with straps or boots, this board (like the Monk) will handle anything that you throw at it with style.  Freestyle, freeride, big air…what will you do with your Monkette?  Check out the video below for Mark Shinn’s explanation of the Monkette.

Available in: 129 x 39, 131 x 40, 131 x 41



If freestyle is your game, it’s time to get you into an ADHD Freakshow.

This board has a stiffer flex rating (8/10), but still comfortable enough to enjoy!  This board features a split concave, double stepped tips for better POP (while not sacrificing the upwind ability) and of course with dedicated adjustable strap or boot inserts.

Available in: 181 x 41.5, 142 x 43



Ronson Patrol

The Ronson is a bit stiffer than the Monk and Monkette boards (6/10), so expect insane POP, control and grip.  This board features snowboard ratchet technology that enables easy adjustability.  Like many boards in the line, the inserts are suitable for straps or boots.

Available in: 136 x 41, 138 x 42, 140 x 43



The Bronq Q

Looking for a freeride board that cuts upwind but won’t disappoint you in gusty or choppy conditions?  Here is the Bronq Q.  Beauty and performance in one package.

Available in: 135 x 41, 136 x 42, 137 x 44



Introducing the lightwind machine, the Bronq XL!

Unlike other dedicated lightwind boards on the market, the Bronq XL delivers performance while still being light with a comfortable flex.  You don’t be riding a door because you don’t need to sacrifice performance to ride on a lightwind day.  Don’t be sad, get a Bronq XL and ride on all the days!

Available in: 148 x 47, 150 x 50



To finish out the twin tip line, we present the Pinbot rx3!

This board will be forgiving as you learn and progress towards a higher performing board without the fear of growing out of the board as you get better!

Available in: 135 x 41, 138 x 42, 141 x 44


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