Lesson Rates


All class prices are by the hour.  Lessons can last between 2-4 hours (depending on the level and physical capacity of the student).

Lessons are taught using HQ Powerites (Trainer kite for the first lesson), Slingshot Rally Kites (water lessons), Shinn Boards, Harness, wetsuit, booties, helmet and radio.

Additionally, we provide ponchos to change into your wetsuit, water and snacks.  Upon request, we can film your lesson for an additional 15,000 CLP.

Private Lessons: 47,000 CLP/hour (if you have your own equipment: 40,000 CLP/hour)

Group Lessons: 35,000 CLP/hour per person; limit 4:1 student to instructor ratio (If you have your own equipment: 28,000 CLP/hour per person)

Please note that group lessons are only available if all students are at a similar level.  Multiple kites are only permitted with advanced riders.


Please note our policies considering length of lessons and payment.

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