At Kiteboarding Chile, we understand that all students are different and everyone comes into a lesson with different goals.

We approach every lesson and every student as an individual.  Here are a few things you can expect from us during your experience:

  • Regular communication with your instructor both pre- and post- lesson.  Prior to your lesson, we send you a lesson guide with any preparation that may need to be done before the lesson.  Don´t worry, you won´t be spending too much time on your homework!  However, we have found that preparation before the class by reading some theory and watching videos helps you to make the most of your time on the water.  After your lesson, you will receive verbal feedback from your instructor and later an e-mail with a more detailed lesson breakdown (what went well, areas for improvement and plans for the next lesson).  24131260_10100636529386920_8953843037005267203_n
  • A realistic student:instructor ratio.  We will never put you into a class with a high student:instructor ratio.  Our priorities are your safety and ability to learn the sport!  By keeping lessons private or with a low ratio, we ensure quality for your lesson and get you on the water riding in a safe and efficient way!
  • Quality gear.  We like the absolute best for when we ride, so we use the same quality of gear that we would expect for our students.  Besides our new kites, boards, harnesses and wetsuits, we are very excited by our partnership with bbtalkinbbtalkin radios!  These are two way radios that allow us communicate better on the water than previous radio helmets and ultimately make your class more efficient!
  • A family operation.  Kiteboarding Chile is run my Miguel and Lené.  The care given to the students during the whole experience is indicative of our goal for the school: We want to make kiteboarders, we want you to be safe doing it and we want you to have fun!  You can trust that your lessons will be done in the best way!1613974_917932788290_365897838_n.jpg
  • Qualified instruction.  Lené runs the lessons for the schools.  Besides her 8 years of experience teaching kiteboarding as a Level 3 IKO Instructor, she also has 5 years experience as a strength and conditioning coach and is a candidate for her Master of Arts in Sport Coaching.  You can trust that you get an instructor who is educated and experienced in all areas that can ensure your success on the water.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how you can have your best experience on the water and learn a new sport!

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