“When I was brand new to the sport, kite-boarding was something I just wanted to try and see if it might be an activity I could indulge in every now and then. Lene’s (my instructor) energy and positivity inspired my thirst for more knowledge and experience to improve my skills. In every lesson she incorporates her past experiences and instructor training making the lesson enjoyable and informative. Her situational awareness and constant account for my safety and the safety of others was always comforting and helped to build my confidence as we progressed. Lene is very professional and extremely helpful. Her attitude and passion towards this sport is highly contagious. I can never thank her enough for all that she has taught me and how much joy this wonderful sport brings me.” Zachary Mucha

“Lene (my instructor) is, first and foremost, a professional. She is the most thorough and detailed instructor I have witnessed in kiteboarding, as well as any other sport or activity I have tried. She teaches from the ground up and is passionate about your success as a student. I have never once felt rushed during a lesson or pressured to advance in my lessons until I mastered each step. Lene is patient and has the skill, knowledge and finesse to teach a sport which must be taught well. Lene taught both my wife and I. While we were a bit nervous at first, Lene put us at ease with her amazing way of teaching. We are now becoming adept at a sport we love and will share forever. Trust me, when learning a potentially dangerous sport like kiteboarding, you want Lene to be the person teaching you. She is the best-a sincere and polished professional.”
Justin Jenniges

“I took lessons with Lene and as an instructor, you will find none better. She was extremely attentive and progressed the lesson based on my abilities. She had me on a board within the first two hours. While she teaches everyone the same fundamental skills necessary to be successful, she is able to adapt to the situations at hand and give each kiter specific instruction for the greatest success. I felt a great deal of confidence while working with her. She had faith in me to succeed and, in turn, helped me accomplish my goal. I could not have been more pleased with her as an instructor.”
Zach Gambrell

“I have been toying with learning to kite for several years now. I always expected I would love it and I was right! What I didn’t expect was the friendship I gained with my instructor. I was worried that she would be too cool for me and I would be embarrassed around her, but alas, from the very first second I met Lene, I was at ease. I had so much fun learning to kite and knew that she was teaching me, and making sure I understood, how to kite safely. That was very important to me, because when I first felt the pull of one of those kites, I knew I needed to be safe. I can’t wait till the next time I get to go kite with my friend Lene!”
Ben Beason

“From minute one of our lesson, my instructor, Lene, displayed a unique mix of her laid back but extremely passionate attitude about the sport.  Teaching one person how to do something they’ve never done before is hard enough…Lene had three to teach at one time, and she had four hours to do it.  However, Lene used each of us to feed and teach the others, so that we were able to learn from one another in everything we did.  At the end of the lesson, I was riding and it was because of her excellent instruction.

Lene first of all is a teacher, her passionate attitude driven by her desire to share her love of the sport with her students so that they might experience the same passion.  She has a very unique ability to display the care needed to a novice of the sport, mixed with the ability to push someone to get them over the hump when needed.  As a student, it is impossible not to notice the energy that she brings to each lesson and the care that she has for each of her students.  As a former athlete and current coach, it is even more impossible not to notice the quality, thoroughness, and integrity of her work, and further admire her ability to teach.  I could not ask for any better from an instructor when learning how to kiteboard.”

Dawson Smith

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